Monday, March 29, 2010


I was folding some laundry. At the end, I had one leftover sock. This happens fairly often. But this time, I had a flash of insight.

What if instead of eating socks, like everyone always assumes, the washer or dryer is CREATING SOCKS?!

This could be the discovery of a lifetime! I quickly checked my sock drawer, and it looked pretty full. I couldn't remember the last time I'd bought socks, and yet there were BRAND NEW SOCKS right in front of me!

If new socks really are appearing, just think of the implications. I could collect them in pairs and give them away as gifts. No more agonizing over what to buy someone for their birthday, because who wouldn't appreciate a nice pair of clean socks!

I'm going to start keeping accurate track of my socks.


  1. YES!!!

    They so DO, Paul. In fact, I think they breed like Tribbles, in there. Somehow, left to their own devices, we've gotten about an entire dryer-load full of unmatched socks... yet still have plenty in the drawers!!

    Wait - YOURS appear in PAIRS? How do YOU rate?! lol Guess we'll have to start an unmatched-sock trend, over HERE. Or, I'll just box them up & mail them to you, so that you can scientifically categorize/track them, as well. ;)

  2. So far they appear one at a time. I have to do the work of matching them. So inconsiderate of them! ;)

  3. Reading this was my Eureka moment! I have a drawer full of socks, as well as a HUGE basket on top filled with my "extra" socks that the washer/dryer created. The fact that they're breeding in there is the only logical explanation!