Thursday, April 15, 2010


I always have trouble finding time to ride the exercise bicycle. I ought to be more motivated - after all, I always feel better when I'm done riding it. But somehow there's always something more pressing, or more interesting, or I'm just too tired.

I probably wouldn't have to ride the bike at all, except that I sit at desk all day typing away at a computer. Even if I take a break to walk around a bit, it's not the same as exercise.

Then I thought, why not combine the two activities? If I could pedal a bicycle WHILE working at my desk, I'd be maiming two birds with one rock feeding two birds with one seed, so to speak. But it would be way too easy to just sit there, stop pedaling, and mouse around.

Then I had an epiphany. What if I were forced to pedal to make the computer work? In fact, the bicycle could generate the electricity to power the computer! I'd be exercising, I'd be productive, and I'd be helping to reduce the drain on the power grid!

If everyone around the world did this, we'd be healthier and happier.

Of course, we'd all have legs like tree trunks, but you can't have everything!

[Edited to fix the awful bird comment!]


  1. Excellent idea. They actually have them, you know:

    ...& you can apparently also make your own:

    So, get busy, guy! I'd say that I'd like one, too, but I just remembered that I can flap my wings & get the same energy-generating/exercise effect. But, I think David might like one, too, aye? ;)

    PS Please consider feeding 2 birds w/one seed ...rather than maiming them both with a rock ('cause THAT's just for Philistine lummox's who are Birdie-nemeses, ya know??! lol).


  2. I should have known it exists. Everything I think of has already been thought of. I'll have to think faster!

    Yes, David could use one for sure, mate!

    Sorry about the bird comment. I fixed it, and I promise never to speak foul of fowl again! :)

  3. Aww, a strike-through. For ME? How kind!

    Yah, sorry - that whole wish-I-woulda-thought-of-that/patented-that-first thing can be a real bummer. But you can still build one & use it! :)

    No worries, about having gone afoul with the comment. Ironically, I only realized that one, myself, after a similar talon-in-mouth episode!


  4. Hello there! I see you have attracted the birds (I'm an Australian bird). I love the human-powered computer idea. I sit here for hours on end, sometimes feel glued to the seat. Sometimes I go to stand up and I realise the blood must have pooled down in my feet.

  5. Yay, my blog is for the birds! :)