Monday, April 12, 2010

Taciturn Churn

Today's Artwiculate word of the day was "taciturn", meaning habitually untalkative.

At some point, this popped into my head:
taciturn snowmen
I pictured a group of snowmen slowly and quietly advancing across a snowy lawn, with animals dispersing in confused fear ahead of them. My yard is often full of rabbits. So I changed it to:
Taciturn snowmen / bunnies retreat
I considered "rabbits retreat" because it's more alliterative, but I liked the image of bunnies better.

But what's the one thing that would stop a snowman? They are afraid of melting in the sun. So:
Taciturn snowmen / bunnies retreat / the sun their only nemesis
This also uses a recent word of the day (nemesis) which is always a bonus.

Then I started to overthink things, as usual. What does "their" refer to? The most recent noun? The subject? Is the sun the bunnies' nemesis or the snowmen's? I changed it to:
Bunnies retreat before taciturn snowmen, the sun their only nemesis.
I couldn't decide which way was correct, or which way sounded better. Then I thought that it shouldn't be "their only nemesis" because by definition there can be just one nemesis. Or maybe not. Frustrated a bit, I avoided the whole problem by lopping off the end:
Bunnies retreat before taciturn snowmen
This is the version that I tweeted as an Artwiculate entry. A few minutes later, I wanted to delete it and start over, but by then Artwiculate had picked it up, so hope was lost.

Most days are like this! I would have been better off remaining taciturn myself.

UPDATE: This tweet got an astounding 49 points, enough for a four-way tie for 27th place. That's four points better than my other entry which I thought was better: Taciturn lurker becomes a berserker. Film at 11.


  1. Enjoyed reading this (yep, we do have similar types of thought-processes, it seems, when tweet-crafting!). :)

    I'm glad you blogged about it, also, since I've been so busy lately I missed it/them (liked them both, BTW).

    Good stuff. Glad you didn't remain taciturn.


  2. PS Great photo/graphic, too (of the snowman).

  3. Most of the time I have to craft my tweets, although sometimes they spring to life fully formed, like today's "I held her hand as her life slipped away; I felt my very soul wizen."

  4. Yep - same for me.

    Your wizened tweet was profoundly beautiful - sad & soulful (I had to presume that was from real-life experience?).

  5. Thanks! It was not from experience. Maybe I just empathize well with others...