Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And So We Wait

When the booming voice came, everyone heard it.

As nanotechnology is to you, so you are to us. Let us explain.

Even with our most advanced instruments, the smallest objects and forces were beyond our technology. However, we knew they were vitally important to understand. So we created your universe and encouraged intelligence to evolve. We knew that intelligent life would eventually seek to explore and understand the world around it, which you have done admirably.

Thanks to your unquenchable thirst for knowledge, we now know more than we had ever dreamed possible about the building blocks of our existence.

We wish to congratulate you and thank you.

Now, however, you have begun to probe even further. Some of your recent cosmological observations and theories prove that you are on the verge of discovering the truth about your universe. Your research would no longer advance, because all your focus would turn to us. Therefore, we have decided to end this experiment.

We hope this message provides solace - your existence has had tremendous meaning and usefulness.

And so we wait.


  1. Looking for a masterpiece? I found it here with And So We Wait. Ever present elision of the true meaning and it made me think. Case in point, I had to Google "nanotechnology". How does one control atomic matter? The answer is infinitesimal, naturally. One particle at a time, just as the words you choose. And so we wait...

  2. Thanks, Cat! I'm happy that you liked it. And nice to hear from you again. :)