Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On spills

Oops, you spilled your juice on the table. Here let me wipe that up for you. There, all clean!

I guess that's the image that they want to conjure up when they say there's an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Instead, here's what's we ought to be thinking of:

You come home from work and discover that someone has broken into your house and taken a sledgehammer to your kitchen faucet and its shutoff valve. Water is spraying like a fountain out of a broken pipe, and there's no way to turn it off. There's water all over the kitchen, ruining the cabinets, the furniture, etc. It's collecting on the floor and making its way into your dining room to ruin your family heirlooms. It's also seeping through the flooring into the basement, where it's dripping onto your pool table.

But it's just a spill, right?

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  1. Nice (and fairly accurate) simile. Though, given the viscous, poisonous nature of oil, if your vandal had instead managed to get the lavatory to back up and left it spraying raw sewage all over the place, that might be even closer to the truth.

    Although a Brit, I'm not going to apologise for British Petroleum. They can do that better themselves - by capping the shaft and cleaning up the mess. (And I hope they do it soon.)

    Really, I was just stopping by to say I have now added a link to this site from my own - quid pro quo.

    Avanti Artwiculati!