Friday, June 11, 2010

Keys and Buttons

I've had my new car for a few weeks now, and there's one feature that has taken time to get used to.

Instead of a key, I just have a key fob. As long as the fob is within a few feet (about a meter) of the car, I can press a button on the door handle to unlock it. And there is no ignition key slot, just a big ol' glowing pushbutton.

What's hard to get used to is leaving my keys in my pocket. For decades, it's been completely normal to reach into my pocket as I walk up to the car, use the key to unlock the door, slide into the seat, and then put the key into the ignition.

Now I have to leave my keyring in my pocket. It doesn't sound like much, but it's actually been very hard to do!

A weird side effect is that I will walk up to other locked doors and expect to press a button to unlock them. When I realize there's no button, I have to sheepishly get out my keys. Maybe I could find a way to make my house doors work without keys too!


  1. That would be cool (re: open doors with buttons). I suppose though if you count garage door openers, there already is a keyless way of getting into one's home, unless of course he/she has a detached garage...Sounds like something Frank Lloyd Wright would've designed after watching an episode of "the Jetsons"...

  2. I love Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater! It's in western Pennsylvania. I've driven out to it at least twice. You're right about FLW meets the Jetsons. :)