Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time for an Idea

Once in a while I have ideas for great inventions! This one might not be great, but it IS an invention.

I haven't worn a wristwatch in years. There are a few reasons. One is that I don't like the feeling of it constricting my wrist. Another is that I feel like I'm a slave to time. A third is I discovered that nearly everywhere I go - car, office, home - there is a clock, so why do I need to carry one around?

The final reason is boredom. I used to buy a really neat watch, but after a few months or a year, I'd be tired of looking at it (or playing with its features), so I'd buy another. After a while I had a few of my own watches to choose from each day, but I was used to them, and I always wanted something different.

So here's my idea: the iWatch. Just like the iPhone, the iWatch would be a watch with a touch screen for the face. You could go to the iWatchStore and download any watch face and features you want. Some would mimic analog watches, some would be digital, others would have extra features, like sunrise/sunset times, etc. Just like there are app developers for the iPhone, there would be iWatch face developers.

I would buy an iWatch. I might even wear it.

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