Saturday, June 12, 2010

Titanic Rodomontade

The unsinkable RMS Titanic slowly inched away from her berth in Southampton, headed for Cherbourg, Queenstown, and ultimately New York City.

Poseidon watched, seething. How dare these mortals declare their handiwork unsinkable! Had they forgotten the powers that he and his fellow Olympians could unleash?

He saw the SS New York nearly crash into the Titanic, pulled in by her wake. He chuckled. That should remind them what they were dealing with.

A while later, he looked in on the Titanic again. He saw a mortal proudly standing at the very bow of the ship, shouting "I'm the king of the world!"

Poseidon grew furious. First they claimed their ship to be unsinkable, and now came this puny mortal's rodomantade!

He looked across the vast ocean and saw what he needed. He carefully changed the currents slightly, rearranged his domain slowly.

When the iceberg loomed out of the fog, Poseidon saw the look of surprise on their faces. Even after the iceberg ripped a gash in their flank, most of them still thought they were invincible. Not even enough lifeboats for them all! Hubris!

And that one who would be king, where was he? In the icy water, barely clinging to life. As the ship broke and sank, as the mortal's lifeless body was claimed by the sea, Poseidon chortled.

He was satisfied.


  1. It's a lesson we haven't learned yet, have we? Nature will always have the last word. Always. I really enjoyed your take on the Titanic and I happily yell 'I'm the queen of the world' before bowing to the Universe. :)
    Maryse aka @Wifsie

  2. Just be careful who's listening when you yell it! ;-) Thanks for reading, Maryse. :)