Friday, April 5, 2013

An Oddly Hilarious Journey

Here are the OHJ daily words that I tweeted during March 2013.

The unannounced pattern was that the first word of each pair changes its meaning depending on how you pronounce it.
  1. desert, unspeakable
  2. intrigue, pigeonhole
  3. appropriate, newfangled
  4. refuse, purposeful
  5. suspect, conniption
  6. extract, judicious
  7. produce, hardscrabble
  8. convert, siphon
  9. reject, infernal
  10. bass, copious
  11. perfect, extricate
  12. separate, armamentarium
  13. dove, travesty
  14. abuse, scamper
  15. recount, garish
  16. coax, untimely
  17. envelope, vagaries
  18. sewer, interchangeable
  19. buffet, proffer
  20. invalid, crystalline
  21. recall, jilt
  22. wind, finagle
  23. alternate, grandfathered
  24. diffuse, precipice
  25. object, velour
  26. minute, inimitable
  27. tear, stickler
  28. console, shill
  29. defect, pompous
  30. subject, incapacitate
  31. entrance, gargle
I started tweeting Bonus Fun challenges this month:

March 15: Include a word that ends in -ism.
March 19: Include at six-syllable word.
March 22: Imagine you're tweeting from a prison.
March 26: Use a word that includes the letter J but doesn't start with a J.
March 29: The word "the" has been banished for today.

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