Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An Oddly Historical Journey

Here are the OHJ daily words that I tweeted during April 2013.

The unannounced pattern was that every word contained a double letter.

  1. bazaar, ennui
  2. hubbub, zoologist
  3. occur, ripply
  4. oddment, whirr
  5. seer, unless
  6. squiffy, cutthroat
  7. raggedy, vacuum
  8. withhold, savvy
  9. skiing, glowworm
  10. hajji, pizza
  11. trekker, aardvark
  12. ullage, ebb
  13. dilemma, hiccup
  14. bonnie, addendum
  15. vroom, payee
  16. steppe, chuff
  17. parrot, vugg
  18. posse, fishhook
  19. utter, genii
  20. residuum, chukka
  21. divvy, pall
  22. bowwow, commando
  23. pizzazz, muumuu
  24. cooperate, veneer
  25. mooch, psst
  26. eccentric, tortilla
  27. suggest, brooch
  28. crosshairs, zucchini
  29. sapphire, egghead
  30. greed, hobbyhorse
Here were the Bonus Fun challenges this month:

April 2: Include a word that starts with re-.
April 5: Adjacent words must have a different number of syllables.
April 9: Use a colon somewhere in your tweet.
April 12: Include words that rhyme.
April 16: Include a word that ends with -ly.
April 19: Use a number in your tweet.
April 23: Use at least two 5-syllable words.
April 26: Imagine you are tweeting from space.
April 30: The letter "a" is banned for today.

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