Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An Odd Hippie Journey

Here are the OHJ daily words that I tweeted during May 2013.

The unannounced pattern was that the first word of each pair has a weird plural form.
  1. half, freebie
  2. neurosis, seemly
  3. deer, remiss
  4. tooth, hijack
  5. child, dross
  6. matrix, xyst
  7. bacterium, mutable
  8. syllabus, scofflaw
  9. prey, yokelish
  10. antenna, apprise
  11. foot, thwart
  12. mouse, excel
  13. woman, nephelococcygia
  14. leaf, furlough
  15. alumnus, seethe
  16. erratum, modicum
  17. formula, acclaim
  18. offspring, gush
  19. louse, entity
  20. phenomenon, nubble
  21. craft, throes
  22. shelf, frantic
  23. nucleus, smother
  24. electricity, yaffle
  25. medium, mindset
  26. nebula, addled
  27. goose, extenuating
  28. sheaf, fractious
  29. fish, humblebee
  30. man, nicety
  31. crisis, stickability
Here were the Bonus Fun challenges for this month:

May 3: Include at least two words that start with un-.
May 7: Whatever continent you are currently in, use it in your tweet.
May 10: Use a hyphen somewhere in your tweet.
May 15: Use at least two adverbs.
May 17: Include a word that ends with -ible.
May 21: Imagine you are tweeting from Woodstock.
May 24: Use a seven-syllable word.
May 28: The letter "n" is banned for today.
May 31: Every word must have an even number of letters.