Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An Oddly Heartthrobbing Journey

Here are the OHJ daily words that I tweeted during July 2013.

The unannounced pattern was that the first word of each pair contains the sound "sh", spelled in various ways.  Also, the last word in each pair starts with the third letter of the first word.

  1. passion, scourge
  2. gumption, makeshift
  3. chateau, activate
  4. social, countenance
  5. obnoxious, nearby
  6. titillation, tirade
  7. disheveled, sieve
  8. minutia, naff
  9. sugar, globophobia
  10. artificial, thenar
  11. quash, aspersion
  12. optional, tractable
  13. cache, conclude
  14. watershed, toboggan
  15. kinship, nuzzle
  16. issue, skulduggery
  17. rational, turgid
  18. partial, retinue
  19. cushion, smite
  20. machine, croon
  21. tuition, idolize
  22. ocean, embrace
  23. vanquish, nape
  24. notion, tempt
  25. beautician, awkward
  26. shebang, enrapture
  27. parachute, riddle
  28. gracious, allure
  29. devotion, vigilant
  30. jellyfish, linger
  31. crescendo, everlasting

Here were the Bonus Fun challenges for this month:

July 2: Include at least one word that starts with post-.
July 5: Use a semicolon somewhere in your tweet.
July 9: Use an interjection.
July 12: Include the name of any country in the whole wide world!
July 16: Include a word that ends with -hood.
July 19: Tweet as if you are writing a personal ad.
July 23: Include a word that has the letter Y anywhere but at the end.
July 26: Include the phrase "try again".
July 30: The letter "o" is banned for today.

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