Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An Oddly Heroic Journey

Here are the OHJ daily words that I tweeted during June 2013.

The unannounced pattern was that the first word of each pair is a compound word.  In addition, the first half of each compound word is the same as the second half of the next compound word, forming a reverse word chain.  Finally, the second word of each daily pair starts with the same letter as the last letter of the first word (they overlap by one letter).

  1. flintlock, knucklehead
  2. skinflint, tumbleweed
  3. bearskin, nocent
  4. bugbear, rosarium
  5. ladybug, gyre
  6. landlady, yammer
  7. bottomland, desist
  8. bellbottom, muckle
  9. doorbell, logistics
  10. trapdoor, rambunctious
  11. mantrap, premonition
  12. lineman, nuance
  13. headline, exculpatory
  14. hophead, dappled
  15. carhop, perplex
  16. sidecar, rigamarole
  17. wayside, epergne
  18. archway, yottabit
  19. overarch, huarache
  20. holdover, rootage
  21. uphold, dislodge
  22. lookup, prate
  23. outlook, kabob
  24. walkout, twinge
  25. boardwalk, kooky
  26. billboard, drippy
  27. playbill, liberal
  28. wordplay, yodel
  29. password, diffident
  30. overpass, scrutinize

Here were the Bonus Fun challenges for this month:

June 4: Include at least one word that starts with anti-.
June 7: Use an exclamation point somewhere in your tweet.
June 11: Use an adverb that does not end in -ly.
June 14: Include a word that ends with -ness.
June 18: Include the phrase "in the wind".
June 21: Make every word in your tweet start with a different letter.
June 25: Imagine your tweet is part of a romance novel.
June 28: The letter "s" is banned for today.

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