Saturday, September 28, 2013

An Oddly Hdisney Journey

Here are the OHJ daily words that I tweeted during August 2013.

There was no unannounced pattern, except that every word was inspired by Disney movies or theme parks.

  1. apple, poisonous
  2. tangled, dalmatian
  3. studio, marionette
  4. castle, animation
  5. pirate, wonderland
  6. hidden, broomstick
  7. bear, aristocrat
  8. beauty, heffalump
  9. happy, queue
  10. world, interminable
  11. glass, footwear
  12. bashful, monorail
  13. shaggy, umbrella
  14. mermaid, flounder
  15. dopey, shipwreck
  16. sword, boulder
  17. cricket, flume
  18. sweep, chimney
  19. doc, thunderstorm
  20. agent, platypus
  21. coaster, monadnock
  22. grumpy, dumpling
  23. honey, shrunk
  24. woody, sorcerer
  25. lady, tramp
  26. sleepy, fireworks
  27. balloon, villain
  28. dewy, animatronic
  29. refill, attraction
  30. sneezy, magical

Here were the Bonus Fun challenges for this month:

August 2: Include at least one word that starts with bi-.
August 6: Use an ellipsis somewhere in your tweet.
August 9: Include a palindrome in your tweet.
August 13: Every noun must be paired with an adjective.
August 16: Include a word that ends with -est.
August 20: Include the name of a Disney movie.
August 23: Use only two-syllable words.
August 27: Every word must include the letter "e".
August 30: The letter "d" is banned for today.

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