An Oddly Humbug Journey

Let's take an Oddly Humbug Journey through the month of December 2012!

Remember last month's journey?  We had so much fun that we're doing it again!

Every day in December at about 7:13 a.m. (New York timezone*), I'll tweet two words with the hashtags #ohjDailyWords and #ohj from @OddlyStarry.

Your job is to contribute tweets inspired by one or both words.  Tag your tweet with #ohj or #OHJ.  Try to keeping mind this month's theme: humbug.

One of my words will be fairly simple and common, while the other will be a bit more unusual.  Sometimes they'll both be common.

In addition to typical text tweets containing a short story, pun, haiku, gogyohka, tanka, etc., you could also make a link to a photo, a video, a sound, or anything else you can think of!

You don't have to use the word exactly as given.  For example, if the word is "run", you could use run, runs, running, ran, or runnable.  Or you could just use the word as an inspiration, and go with sprint or race.  Keep in mind that many words have more than one definition, and more than one part of speech.

You could also combine one of my words with words from other games like Loqwacious5poemALTwiculateArtwiculateLiblitHaikuchallenge, and others!

Once in a while, just to keep things fresh, I might ask you to supply the caption to a picture, or I might do a hashtag game.

Have fun!  :)

I'll try to list all the previously used words here as the game progresses.
  1. buckle, malcontent
  2. false, circulation
  3. shine, fervent
  4. twitch, upholster
  5. peal, crackpot
  6. sulk, meticulous
  7. bumble, recrimination
  8. lifetime, insufferable
  9. folly, artichoke
  10. prance, vacillate
  11. evidence, malinger
  12. festive, duodecimal
  13. seam, doozy
  14. guilt, telepathy
  15. blue, amaryllis
  16. word, scrumptuous 
  17. ear, figment
  18. rumor, dreck
  19. lamp, tergiversate
  20. blitz, Sasquatch
  21. cycle, misconstrue
  22. frightful, perceive
  23. lanky, nowadays
  24. overtime, marzipan
  25. rotund, anthracite
  26. blare, elucidate
  27. align, shyster
  28. carriage, profligate
  29. sneeze, forthwith
  30. fish, implausible
  31. plow, clamber
* Los Angeles at 06:13, London at 12:13, Sydney at 23:13.  For other time zones, you can try here or here.

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