OHJ's Twenty Questions

I'm so sorry for the confusion about how to play OHJ's version of Twenty Questions!  I tried to cram too much info into one tweet!

I didn't intend for there to be a connection between my two daily OHJ words, and the twenty questions that you ask.  I guess without realizing it, I've suggested playing a brand new game!  :(

Here's what I intended:

On 11/11, I thought of a word for everyone to guess.  Since there are twenty days left in November, you can each ask one question per day - that makes twenty questions.

Each question should be a yes/no question.  Examples: "Is it a dog?"  "Is it a noun?"  "Does it start with a letter from A-M?"

By asking clever questions, and looking at the answers I give to each other's questions, you should collectively converge on my word before the end of November!  :)

Here is more information about Twenty Questions in general.

Hint: the link between OHJ20 and OHJ is that the word I'm thinking of fits the monthly OHJ theme!  :)

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