An Oddly Heartfelt Journey

Let's take an Oddly Heartfelt Journey through the month of February 2012!

From xkcd

Remember last month's journey?  We had so much fun that we're doing it again!

Every day in February at about 7:13 a.m. (New York timezone*), I'll tweet two words with the hashtag #ohj from @OddlyStarry.

Your job is to contribute tweets inspired by one or both words.  Tag your tweet with #ohj or #OHJ.  Since we're taking an oddly heartfelt journey through the month of February, try to make your tweet related to LOVE in some way.

There are many kinds of love!  You can love your spouse, your family, your pets, your career, your hobbies, your car, your favorite TV show, and your favorite food.  You can even love playing word games!

Since OHJ originated with haunted tweets, I wouldn't object to you sneaking in a scary tweet! :)  (Or a Hgeeky tweet.)

One of my words will be fairly simple and common, while the other will be a bit more unusual.  Sometimes they'll both be common.

In addition to typical text tweets containing a short story, pun, haiku, gogyohka, tanka, etc., you could also make a link to a photo, a video, a sound, or anything else you can think of!

You don't have to use the word exactly as given.  For example, if the word is "run", you could use run, runs, running, ran, or runnable.  Or you could just use the word as an inspiration, and go with sprint or race.  Keep in mind that many words have more than one definition, and more than one part of speech.

You could also combine one of my words with words from other games like LoqwaciousArtwiculate, Liblit, Haikuchallenge, and others!

Once in a while, just to keep things fresh, I might ask you to supply the caption to a picture, or I might do a hashtag game.

Have fun!  :)

I'll try to list all the previously used words here as the game progresses.
  1. rock, infatuate
  2. eye, hooligan
  3. dip, precarious
  4. back, concubine
  5. giant, patriot
  6. fresh, inexorable
  7. point, smitten
  8. train, extraordinary
  9. wink, transparent
  10. how, twitterpated
  11. bold, charade
  12. like, midriff
  13. rain, unmentionable
  14. one, Godiva
  15. flat, dawdle
  16. tall, quibble
  17. floor, enthrall
  18. father, extravaganza
  19. shy, benefit
  20. best, friction
  21. tear, pretentious
  22. mind, venerate
  23. round, crossroad
  24. green, woo
  25. present, splendid
  26. front, underdog
  27. joke, angst
  28. lie, rendezvous
  29. dream, caper
* London at 12:13, Athens at 14:13, Sydney at 23:13.  For other time zones, you can try here or here.

1 comment:

  1. I dip my quill
    and scratch my line
    precarious words
    that recombine.
    Absurd, you say,
    to seek to reach
    through time
    to touch, to thrill?

    A dalliance with ink,
    you think?
    But if I carry it off
    and hold, or sway,
    or touch the heart
    when words are read
    then will you rate me
    bold and say
    you see a brilliance?

    [Too long for a Tweet. The first verse responds to #ohj for 3rd Feb (dip, precarious) the second to #lqw same date (dalliance). The two verses (I hope) complement one another.]