What is OHJ?


What is OHJ?

OHJ is a twitter-based daily word game.  Every day I provide two words.  You create a tweet incorporating one or both words.  Make sure you tag the tweet with #OHJ or #ohj, so other players can find it easily. 

No, I meant: What do the letters O H J stand for?

Originally, OHJ stood for "Oddly Haunted Journey", because in October 2011, I conceived this as a one month game leading up to Halloween.  Now the letters mean something different each month, depending on the monthly theme.

There's a monthly theme??

Yes, every month I pick a theme.  You can use the theme to inspire your tweets.  I also use the theme (sometimes/often) to inspire the daily words that I choose. 

Do I have to adhere to the monthly theme?

No.  It's more of a guideline and an inspiration.  If you come up with something totally different, feel free to tweet it.

Do I have to use the daily words exactly as they are?

No.  If one of the words were "run", you could use run, runs, running, ran, runnable, etc.  You could use it as a verb or a noun.  You could use synonyms like sprint or dash.

What is this month's theme?

Here are all the monthly themes so far:

    October 2011 Oddly Haunted Journey
    November 2011 Oddly Hungry Journey
    December 2011 Odd Holiday Journey
    January 2012 Oddly Hgeeky Journey
    February 2012 Oddly Heartfelt Journey
    March 2012 Oddly Hirsute Journey
    April 2012 Oddly Hallucinogenic Journey
    May 2012 Odd Hollywood Journey
    June 2012 Oddly Humid Journey
    July 2012 Odd Hitchhiking Journey
    August 2012 Oddly cHallenging Journey
    September 2012 Odd Hodgepdge Journey
    October 2012 Oddly Horrifying Journey
    November 2012 Oddly Hungover Journey
    December 2012 Oddly Humbug Journey
    January 2013 Oddly Hippocratic Journey
    February 2013 Oddly Hurried Journey
    March 2013 Oddly Hilarious Journey
    April 2013 Oddly Historic Journey
    May 2013 Odd Hippie Journey
    June 2013 Oddly Heroic Journey
    July 2013 Odd Heartthrobbing Journey
    August 2013 Oddly Hdisney Journey
    September 2013, Oddly Half-baked Journey
    October 2013, Oddly Hitchcockian Journey
    November 2013, Oddly Hebdomadal Journey
    December 2013, Oddly Hyphenated Journey
    January 2014, Odd Haiku Journey
    February 2014, Oddly Harmonious Journey
    March 2014, Oddly Homophonic Journey
    April 2014, Oddly Happy Journey
    May 2014, Oddly Haphazard Journey
    June 2014, Oddly Humble Journey
    July 2014, Oddly Homeric Journey
    August 2014, Oddly Hackneyed Journey

What are today's words?

Every day at 7:13 a.m. Eastern Time (New York time), I tweet the words from my twitter account, @OddlyStarry.  The tweet will contain the hashtags #ohj and #ohjdailywords.  There are four ways to find the words every day:
  1. Follow me, @OddlyStarry, and keep an eye on your timeline at about 7:13. 
  2. Search on the hashtag #ohj. 
  3. Search on the hashtag #ohjdailywords. 
  4. Look at other OHJ players' tweets and try to figure it out.  :)
How do I see other OHJ players' tweets?

You should search on the hashtag #OHJ or #ohj.  I like to search on #ohj -rt.  The "-rt" filters out everyone's retweets, so you just see the original tweets.

If it's a word game, is there a winner? 

It's not that kind of game.  Everybody writes creative tweets, and players enjoy reading everyone else's tweets.  You can show that you enjoy someone's tweet by retweeting it to your followers.

It's also a great way to meet friendly, creative people.

I can't fit what I want to say into a tweet! 

Maybe you could split it into two tweets.  Or you could post it on a blog (if you have one) and just tweet a link to your blog. 

I have a picture to go with my tweet. 

Great!  Post a link to it.  Post a link to anything you find on the Internet that is related to the daily words or monthly theme.  You can link to photos, drawings, videos, websites, web cams, Wikipedia, etc. 

Hey, someone wrote "it's" instead of "its"! 

We're not perfect.  I look at the spirit and intention of the tweet, not the syntax.  Plus, people use twitter all over the world, and English is not everyone's first language. 

Sometimes the daily word has nothing to do with the monthly theme! 

Sometimes I use the monthly theme as a category to pull words from.  Other times, the monthly theme is a vague inspiration.  And sometimes there is no connection at all.

Just think of it as adding to the challenge.  :) 

Sometimes the words are boringly common! 

My original goal was to have one common word and one unusual word each day.  Sometimes both words are common if I'm trying to fit them into the monthly theme. 

It sounds awkward to say "OHJ player". 

Maybe we could coin the term "ohjian".  I hope it doesn't mean anything bad in anyone's culture or language?  I pronounce it O-jee-in (IPA: 'odʒiɪn). 

Are there other word games I can play? 

Sure!  Here are a few:

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  1. 7:13 ~ 713 ~ Hmmm... Intriguing. What meaneth this odd number, Oddly? Some sort of telepathically, metaphysically obtained numerals of hidden meaning to all but you because you're one of the magical 36 -- a la TOUCH? (Do you use a cypher, as well?) :)